The latest albums

  • Enter Shikari - A Kiss for the Whole World A great record from the gods in Enter Shikari, a good mix between the electronical elements and the hardcore/metal ones
  • NF - HOPE
    The lates record from the lyrical genious NF. It's a good blend between all his styles both the boom baps and the more commercial style of beat mixed with the filmic and symphonic elements in his music
  • Dr. Acula - Dr. Acula This was my first encounter with the band Dr. Acula and their energetic Deathcore with a lot of Hardcore elements, it's such a great blend and they have done a great job. 3
  • Chris Kläfford - Maybe It's Just Me
    Ever since I heard Chris cover of Imagine I have always been in love with his voice. The album doesnt dissapoint, you can hear that he put his heart into the songs.  
  • No Pressure - No Pressure (LP)
    This is as much 2000's Pop Punk as you can get. It's fun, playful and catchy. It brings you back to the golden days when you just had fun, riding skateboard and hanging out with your friends all day.